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Fic Post: Realizations

For the openveinwriting comment fic party

His crew all wanted to hear stories about life on FYI. Was Frank as weird but cool as he seemed? Yes. Was Jim a stuffed shirt? Not as much as people seemed to think. Was Murphy utterly impossible? Well. She was, but not in the way they thought. He’d tell them yes to keep the mythos up anyway. And of course Corky was sexy. Of course. No, he hadn’t seen her in her bra yet and it was gross and disgusting to ask.  

They didn’t want to hear the truth. That it wasn’t Corky who caught his attention every time she walked past. Yeah, Corky was sweet. But she couldn’t hold a candle to Murphy’s intellect, or her legs for that matter. They didn’t want to hear about the moment he realized that it was more than just playful flirting for him, about how he’d walked past her office one night. She was there, working on something, Avery asleep in the playpen she kept in her office for him. Usually she brought her work home with her, but for some reason there she was, after midnight, deep in research for a story. He’d stopped in the dim of the newsroom, only the late night intern there with him, and watched her work. Her suit jacket tossed over one of the chairs by her desk, the sleeves of her blouse rolled up to her elbows, her hair up in a messy ponytail. Dinner sat, unopened, on her secretary’s desk. She’d been there for hours. He’d just stared at her, for longer than at all appropriate, not wanting to walk away, sure she’d kill him for lurking. 

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Fic Post: Old 60's Radicals

Title: Old 60's Radicals
Author: vegawriters
Fandom: Murphy Brown
Rating: General
Pairing: Jake/Murphy
Timeframe: Angst for the Memories (season 6)
Disclaimer: Diane English is God, Candice Bergen is a queen, and I don’t make a single penny from this. In fact, I should be writing other stuff. So, of course I’m writing this. If Diane wants someone to novelize Murphy, I’m on board, but she won’t read this, so I’m also probably safe.

Summary: She had made a difference. She’d changed the course of corporations and political careers with her work. An entire presidential campaign had been altered because of her, really. And if she could take even a small bit of credit for Bush only having one term, she’d own it. She had a life to be proud of and a son she was proud of. And if she griped about the police not getting to her door fast enough, or bitched about how much her car cost to fix, or made sure Avery got into the best school possible (and he would get into that school), then she would have to own some of her own reality. 

By chapter two, Avery was on the wiggly side of sleepy and Murphy willingly gave up. Technicolor Highway was as beautiful as she remembered, and she was glad she still had her copy and could share it with Avery. But if the last two days had taught her anything, it was that she needed to remember that her son needed to find his own way in life. 

With her help, of course. 

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Fic: Womanhood

For the openvienwriting comment fic party

Prompt: Any, Natural Woman

The only other time she’d felt like this, truly, was the first moment she held Avery in her arms. Tired and shaking, she’d been so scared that even then she was going to hurt him and break him and what if nothing had gone right but she’d sat there in that hospital bed singing to him and everything was utterly perfect in the world because her baby boy was the most perfect being ever and she knew she was going to screw everything up, but he made her feel whole and natural.

So, she really hadn’t expected the second time she felt this way to be while standing in the studio, facing off against Peter Hunt. But there was something about the way he broke into her personal space, the way he challenged her, the way his eyes dilated as he came at her, how her own breathing quickened, how she turned herself to him. She was completely someone to believe in love at first sight - she’d married Jake after knowing him about two hours after all - but she hadn’t expected to feel this way in the presence of Peter Hunt.

Okay, so she wasn’t really sure she felt that way, but she’d just spent an hour with him on the broadcast, an hour and a half getting to know him over dinner at Phil’s, and half an hour with her vibrator, so she could be biased and hormonal. That was a definite possibility.

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Fic: "Dad!"

For the openveinwriting comment fic party

Prompt: Any, Stranded

She was stewing and had been since the hurricane trip. Since she realized she was entering menopause. Since the emotional rollercoaster of trying to adapt to the idea that he could be a father and then realizing she wasn’t pregnant and then accepting he was already a father and he wanted to be in hers and Avery’s lives forever. He knew she was glad she wasn’t pregnant, that she didn’t want to go through that again, but he also knew the idea that her body was changing was hitting her hard. Every day was a constant reminder that he was younger than she was, and the TV industry pushed women like her aside. Corky was the look they wanted. Not Murphy.

So, he’d suggested this weekend trip. Put the notes and the cameras away and drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway. Find a motel. Enjoy each other as a family. Talk to Avery about the fact they were getting married. It had taken some convincing. When Murphy was stressed, all she wanted to do was work. But now, they were here. In a motel. On the Blue Ridge Parkway. While an early snowstorm blanketed the area, shut down the roads, and generally made life completely impassable.

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Fic post: Candles ...

For the openveinwriting comment fic party

Prompt: "Well, this is awkward ..."

After Jerry left, it took her far too long to blow out the candles Jake had lit. Her pattern was methodical in its chaos. Blow out a candle, sniff a rose, take off her suit jacket and leave it in the dry cleaning hamper in the laundry room. Blow out a candle, take off her jewelry, leave it on the table behind the couch with the intention of going upstairs with it. Blow out a candle, slide her bra out from under her shirt. Blow out a candle, finally chuck her suit pants and pull on the pair of jeans sitting on the washing machine. Blow out a candle. 

She hadn’t planned on working tonight, but now she was stuck alone in the house with only her thoughts and four cold corn dogs. She tossed two of them into the trash, warmed up the other two, grabbed a bottle of diet coke from the fridge, and sat back down with a knife to cut the caramel apples Jake had left behind. 

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Fic: War Zones

For the openveinwriting comment fic party

Prompt: Any — Fire and Death and Destruction

There was an instinct that took over in war zones. It wasn’t something reporters could quantify, and when asked, Murphy would put on her best bluff and explain that it was something built by years of experience and learning how to read signals, listen for changes in the air. She wasn’t completely wrong, but there was a reason some reporters lasted in the field, and others did better at home. 

The plane touched down and bounced along the landing strip, knocking everyone around. Murphy ducked down, bracing her hands against the seat, just as the ping of bullet fire could be heard on the engines. If a bullet hit the tank, they had minutes. 

Everyone else on the plane, veteran crew, some she’d been crawling through the muck with for fifteen years, knew the deal. Before they were even done rolling, cameras were in hand, bags were slung across shoulders. As they jumped from the side door, Murphy allowed herself half a second to miss her townhouse and the Donna Karan suit she’d picked up just the other day. But any lingering dreams were crushed quickly by the engine to the small plane catching fire while a sniper bullet pierced the air only inches from her shoulder. 

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Fic Post: Good Luck

For the openveinwriting comment fic party

Prompt: Any-- Someone Like You

Because I won't find it
there's no one quite like you

The announcement stunned him. Mostly because she hadn’t called to let him know. Not that they needed that, but still. It was a small side note - Legendary reporter Murphy Brown engaged to investigative journalist Peter Hunt.


Okay, Murphy. If tall, tanned, and younger was your style.

Of course it was.

He stared at the photo, caught by some tabloid photographer, the two of them sitting in a park with Avery between them. Strangely, Avery looked more like Peter than he did Jake. Well. that was disconcerting. But what wasn’t disconcerting was how happy she looked. Peter seemed to take years, and stress lines, off of her face. Good for her. She deserved it.

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Fic Post: Engagements

For the openveinwriting comment fic party

Prompt: Any — Marriage Proposal


He was the sexiest human she’d ever laid eyes on. His hair curled and loose, his eyes crinkled. They crinkled. He smiled and the corners of his eyes crinkled and it made her want to forget everything and fall into his arms. He bought her coffee. She held his hand as they joined the throngs of protestors.

She pushed his head down as the mace started to rain down. He soaked his jacket in water to cover both of them. He wouldn’t be separated from her at the jail.

“We should get married,” he said, grinning at her. Their eyes were red and swollen from the mace, neither could breathe very well. But he leaned in and she could only see him and those eyes and she found herself nodding.

“Yeah,” she giggled. “We should.”

The judge sentenced them - clean up at the protest site. And then he married them.

When he walked out of her life five days later, with a promise of a new proposal on his lips, she never expected to see him again.


The question hit her harder than any she’d been asked in her lifetime, and that included all of the soul searching crap she’d endured at Betty Ford. There he was, leaning forward, playing her own game, and doing it so well.

“What if I asked you to marry me?”

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Fic Post: Fathers and Sons

For the openveinwriting comment fic party

Prompt: Any — Cuddle Party!

Avery’s call for his mother woke them both. Murphy sighed and gently pushed away, reaching for the clothes she’d discarded as they tumbled into bed. Peter sat back, watching as she made herself presentable for the little boy. He’d always assumed that he could never date a woman with a child. He wanted to be the focus in her life, didn’t want to compete for attention. But that was before meeting these two. Before he found himself watching Avery with the same attention as the other parents at Playland. He’d chatted up another father, whose child was playing with Avery. And never once had he referred to Avery as his step-son. He knew Avery was confused about him, that he knew about Jake. It annoyed Peter because he was more of a father than Jake ever had been. In the year he’d been with Murphy, he’d nursed Avery through two colds, put bandaids on skinned knees, and read more of The Hobbit than he’d ever imagined he would. His first gift thoughts weren’t for Murphy, but Avery. And more than once, he’d considered asking if he could adopt Avery after they got married. But to this father, he was just Avery’s dad. And Avery looked like him enough that there was never a question, even when Avery called him Peter.

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Fic Post: Getting real ...

For the openveinwriting comment fic party

Prompt: Any — Everything I know

“Everything I know says you are going to leave me again.”

Murphy stared at Jake. Jake stared back. The scent of sex still lingered around them – her shirt was unbuttoned, revealing the black lace bra underneath. Her skirt was at least smoothed down now, though she could only hope no one would ask why she wasn’t wearing any hose.

“Murphy …”

“It’s why I haven’t said yes to your proposal, yet.” Here, in post-coital bliss, she could be honest. All she wanted was for him to come closer and lean against the desk and she’d lean up against him and let nature take its course. Instead, she was watching him adjust his shirt, and she needed to have the conversation they were avoiding.

“I told you. I’m settling here.”

“But for how long? Why can’t we date a little? See if what we have makes sense or if it’s just chemistry.”

“Because we’re forty-two and not twenty.”

“We’re forty-two and just had sex on my desk. I think we’re doing okay in that realm.”

He smiled a bit at that. Murphy sighed.

“I’m scared too,” he admitted.

“So let’s take it slow, Jake. Let’s date. Work our way back to sex. Work our way to something resembling normal. History says you’re going to need to run, and I don’t want to put my heart on the line and then watch you leave.”

Silence. She could tell she’d hurt him and that wasn’t her intention but she needed to be honest.

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